Paula Colliver

410 W. Grant Avenue
Georgetown, OH 45121

Born and raised in Adams County, Paula’s roots run deep in the community she loves. Paula graduated from North Adams High School. She continued her education at Maysville Community College where she earned her Associates's degree in business through the University of Kentucky.

Paula understands the numerous benefits of living in the Southern Ohio area and serves as an invaluable resource to those living and relocating to the area.

Patient, genuine, and committed to her client’s success, Paula will be alongside your journey every step of the way to make the process of buying and selling a stress-free experience. She’s a people person who approaches real estate transactions one step at a time.

The process of buying or selling can be overwhelming. Paula knows this and walks her clients through each step and communicates with them throughout the whole process. Her approach is simple, she puts herself in the client’s shoes then provides them the information she wishes she would have known at the point they’re at.

Paula in her spare time, enjoys HGTV, Etsy, and Pinterest. She likes taking the ideas she finds and emulating them in her home or making gifts for friends.